Posted - June 2, 2020

An Unwavering Commitment to Human Experience

These are trying times. We remain caught in the grips of a global pandemic that is taking its toll on communities economically, placing strain on healthcare workers committed to tackling this crisis head on and revealing the very systemic weaknesses and inherent biases that have been just beneath the surface of our society for years. The challenge of disparity and inequity is not unique to healthcare, but in the era of COVID-19, the realization of what many knew to be true has been laid bare for all with a commitment to truth and a respect for evidence to see.

At this instance when the deep-rooted realities of racial and social imbalance have been revealed with a raw and tangible result, so too has the institutional and implicit racism many also acknowledged existed. But the compounding effect of a heinous crime with the revelations of and tensions building in a time of crisis pushed us, as a society, to a boiling point. In the United States this has manifested itself in protests, both peaceful and in some instances unfortunately destructive. While a society that respects all voices and honors each with equity remains a work in progress for all democracies, we believe that speaking with purpose, speaking truth to reality and speaking truth to power must be a fundamental commitment.

We cannot stand by in declaring an unwavering commitment to human experience if we cannot ensure that all humans are seen in that light, as people who deserve the same rights, opportunities, freedoms and respect regardless of race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, gender, gender identity or beliefs. It is incumbent on each of us as individuals to gauge our own stand, dig in to understand our privilege, uncover our biases and then work diligently to honor the essence of what humanity calls from all of us. For we are only as strong as a community in the strength of respect we give to and show for one another.

We alone cannot solve these issues, but we can and will stand for sustaining conversations where these difficult issues can be addressed. As we look to the moments, days, weeks and months ahead, we reinforce our long-standing commitment to the fundamental idea that in the work of healthcare we are human beings caring for human beings. Now, we must translate that to all we do in society. Our commitment to human experience must be unwavering and at the Institute that will remain our driving force.

– The Beryl Institute

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