"Griffin adopted this innovative care tool, Post-ICU, as part of its longstanding commitment to delivering Planetree person-centered care, an approach to healthcare that produces superior patient care and a humanized healthcare experience that emphasizes compassion, equity, and the active participation of patients and their families."

Patrick Charmel

President, CEO
Griffin Health | Derby, CT

“You take care of an ICU patient for weeks. Meanwhile, that person is asleep during that whole time. It feels good to be able to make a difference for them even after ICU admission.”

Brenda Sleven

ICU Nurse
Amphia Hospital

“Keeping a journal during the time spent in the ICU helps to come to terms with it. Because my husband wrote about what was happening, I was able to read it later and see where the images in my head had come from.”

Daphne Bolman

ICU Survivor

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