The Medcalm Network is an innovative wellness relaxation video provider dedicated to improving the hospital environment for patients and their families. With over 120 video programs, hospitals are assured of selecting the most appropriate content for adult, pediatric, and geriatric patients. Our original, carefully curated videos promote wellness and relaxation through sound healing music and visuals that feature nature, fine arts, exercise, and spiritual content.  Our programs calm, inform, and enhance the patient experience.

“I’m sure your folks produce these videos and then never really know what impact they have on the people who watch them. We are at Inova Loudoun County in Virginia. The Underwater video is just perfect for all of us. The videos are a nice anecdote to the sterile hospital environment. My mom has dementia so a TV show with the narrative does not work for her. Plus, she is hard of hearing and does not have her hearing aids in the hospital so that makes the visual impact even more important.”

Family Member


“My wife is currently undergoing chemo treatments, her third time around, at the Monter Oncology Center at Long Island Jewish Medical Center. She discovered your videos on the center’s TV system and found them very helpful. She finds listening to your videos calming, helping to make the time she is receiving treatment a little less onerous and passing a little easier. Thank you so much.”

J.D. Marksheid

“As a registered nurse in a pediatric hospital for the last 8 years, I can’t explain how essential MedCalm videos have been for all kids visiting us. From newborns listening to lullabies, toddlers watching educational stories, school-aged children watching a variety of animal videos, to older kids listening to relaxation music, it has been a blessing to our hospital. These videos allow all our varying aged patients the opportunity to provide an “escape” from the reality of their experience in the hospital, and we are forever grateful to MedCalm for providing us with the tools to give to our kids.”


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