Individual Student Membership

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The Beryl Institute’s Student Membership offers Individual Membership access to college and university students interested in engaging in the important dialogue on improving the patient experience in healthcare. This program is designed to support the development of the next generation of patient experience leaders, a core commitment of The Beryl Institute.

The cost for a Student Membership is $50 per year.

Another option, Academic Membership, allows any institution that offers a healthcare related degree program to provide membership access to currently enrolled students and faculty. Learn more >

Eligibility Requirements for Student Membership:

For the purpose of The Beryl Institute Student Membership type, an education site is defined as a four-year or two-year university or college, technical career college or online institution. An individual must be enrolled as follows:

•  Associate or Undergraduate: minimum of 9 credit hours
•  Graduate: minimum of 6 credit hours

Student membership is open to individuals who are new to the Institute and are enrolled at an accredited educational site seeking to become active in the field of healthcare.

Student Membership Verification Process:

Individuals eligible for Student Membership must complete the Student Membership form. Once the form is received, the applicant will be contacted for documentation of student eligibility status.

Accepted Documentation of Student Eligibility:

•  Copy of the member or applicant’s current schedule
•  Copy of University transcript (unofficial is acceptable)
•  Other enrollment documentation from the institution on University letterhead signed by department chair or other school official

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