Take Advantage of 5 New Features

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new website. This website has been a goal for The Beryl Institute for the last few years, with community improved experience in mind.

There are many new features to take advantage of with our new site, but here are five of the most noteworthy.

  1. Resources are now easily downloadable. If you’re signed in as a member, there is no need any more to have files come to your email to download. Simply go to the resource you would like to download and click on the button associated with the product. This first click will authenticate your membership and allow you to download the file straight from our website. Once your membership is authenticated, simply click that button again and the file will open.
  2. You can sort products by PXE availability. On our search page, simply click “PXE available” and all resources that provide PXEs will appear. Once you download the webinar replay, a PXE survey button will appear to allow you to claim your credit.
  3. You can access registration Zoom links from your user profile. If you have registered for an upcoming event, such as a live webinar or a PX Chat, you will be able to join the event from your profile. Simply click the account icon and go to your full account menu. You will find the Zoom link under My Registrations
  4. Resources are categorized with Experience Framework lenses in mind. We’ve made it easier for the community to find the resources that matter to them. You can find all resources associated to a singular lens, such as Culture & Leadership or Patient, Family and Community Engagement, under the resources tab or inside the search engine.
  5. Related content. If you’re viewing a specific resource, you will be recommended three other resources that fit in the same category you’re viewing. This will allow you to dive even deeper into what you’re looking for.

If you have any additional questions, please contact info@theberylinstitute.org or attend our Open House June 13, 2023, from 2-3 PM CT for a site walkthrough and an FAQ.