Learning Programs to Support Your Organization’s Experience Strategy

Built upon research from the Institute and the collective knowledge of our community, we offer a variety of learning programs to sustain your organizational experience strategy and to develop skills and knowledge of team members at all levels. Join this webinar to learn more about:

  • Introduction to Patient Experience: On-demand learning modules to educate your workforce and ignite their passion to improve the patient experience.
  • PX 101: For organizations that want to establish patient experience understanding for all employees.
  • BOK for Your LMS: For organizations seeking a comprehensive training for the workforce in a critical area of patient experience through a Learning Management System.

Speaker – Becky Reisinger, Senior Director, Learning and Professional Development, The Beryl Institute

*Please note the purpose of this complimentary webinar is to provide information about learning programs offered by The Beryl Institute. The session does not provide patient experience education credit (PXE).