What is Intro to PX?

Intro to PX is a series of three 30-minute interactive, on-demand learning modules designed for use across your entire healthcare organization: 

  • What is Patient Experience? 
  • The Ripple Effect of Patient Experience 
  • Connecting to Your Purpose  

How was Intro to PX designed?

Intro to PX was developed based on years of learnings from our patient experience community. The content for Intro to PX is based on the community’s contributions used in PX 101, a highly acclaimed learning program designed for facilitated, in-person training. Intro to PX incorporates some PX 101 content with added elements for an on-demand learning experience.

Who is Intro to PX for?

Intro to PX is designed for healthcare organizations ready to inspire and educate everyone in their workforce to understand and “own” the patient experience. Access to the on-demand modules is exclusively for organizational members.

How do I access Intro to PX?

When you sign up or renew your organizational membership, you will be given a certain number of “seats” for your learners. You will be asked to designate a user manager to oversee Intro to PX access for your organization. This user will have the ability to upload learners to our on-demand platform and track their progress. Accessing the on-demand modules for individual learners is a simple process of “click and go.” You will not need to host these learning modules on your own LMS.  *For information on options to upload Intro to PX to your LMS, keep scrolling to the bottom of these FAQs.

How many Intro to PX “seats” are available to me?

With an organizational membership, you receive access for a certain number of learners based on your FTEs: 

FTEs Learners Per Year*
Up to 5,000 100
5001 – 10,000 250
10,001 – 25,000 500
25,000 + 1,000


Additional seats are available for a nominal fee of $8.00 per learner. Uploading additional learners is easy and at the discretion of the Intro to PX organizational user manager.

  • You will be automatically invoiced quarterly for additional learners beyond the number allocated for your organization.
  • Once a learner is uploaded to the on-demand platform, that seat is considered used and is not transferable to another learner.

Where or how would I use Intro to PX? What associated metrics should we consider?

This is up to the individual organization using Intro to PX. The intention is that Intro to PX be shared broadly across your organization with all roles and departments. Since every person in a healthcare organization impacts patient experience--the ones who interact with patients and those who don’t--we recommend Intro to PX be required for your entire workforce. Some organizations may choose to use Intro to PX as part of the new employee orientation process while others may want to use it as a recurring competency review given quarterly or annually. As you customize your patient experience efforts to fit your organization’s culture and current education delivery methods, consider how best to “plug in” Intro to PX to an existing process or program.  

User managers have the ability to run reports that track the progress and module completion for their learners. Using this as a foundation for metrics will enable you to measure improvements within specific areas working through the three modules.  

Additional associated metrics are something you should customize. For example, if the intention is to educate staff across all areas and roles, the metric might be focused on how many people in your organization complete the module. Alternatively, if it is a targeted effort to improve employee engagement, the metrics would be related to improving those scores. The metric you choose would also depend on how you choose to roll out Intro to PX across your organization.

Can I upload Intro to PX to my own LMS?

Yes, uploading Intro to PX to your own LMS is another option for organizations using Intro to PX but is not included with membership. Additional fees apply. This option requires the ability to load SCORM files into the organization’s LMS with the assistance of your IT or Learning Teams. Once you have purchased and uploaded the SCORM files, they are yours to keep with no subscription fees or other associated costs.  

If I want Intro to PX to upload to my own LMS, what are the additional fees?

Intro to PX is included with membership only when uploading individual learners to our on-demand platform. If you want to purchase Intro to PX for your LMS, the fee structure is as follows:   

FTEs Investment
Up to 5,000


5,001 – 10,000


10,001 – 25,000


25,001 - 50,000


50,001 - 100,000