BOK Certificate FAQs

This collection of Frequently Asked Questions provides brief answers to many common questions about the Patient Experience (PX) Body of Knowledge Certificate Programs.

What’s included in each PX Body of Knowledge Course?

A course is available for each BOK domain. Each course includes a 60-90 minute, on-demand, self-paced learning session followed by a 60-minute facilitated virtual class where peers come together to expand the core learning through active engagement and application of knowledge.  

How do I access the Body of Knowledge Courses?

The courses are accessed through Information on how to access your account and course(s) will be provided once registration is confirmed and payment is received. Please allow one business day for activation of your PXLearning account before accessing. 

Are there any pre-requisites or a specific order one must follow when completing the Body of Knowledge courses? 

There are no pre-requisites and there is not a specific order required when competing the courses. Each participant can determine the best order to complete the courses based on your individual learning needs and goals. 

Is there a time limit in completing the Body of Knowledge courses? 

Individuals can complete the course(s) at your own pace, there is no time limit. 

Can I complete more than one certificate?

BOK participants who have completed BOK courses and paid the associated fees can apply their completed courses and fees to a certificate program with additional requirements of their choice.

Can I preview an on-demand learning session?

Yes, you can preview The Experience Movement: From Foundations to the Future on-demand learning session here. 

Can several staff members at one facility participate with one registration fee?

No, due to the learning platform and facilitated virtual classroom setting, the courses are for individual participation. However, volume pricing is available. Contact us for more information. 

If you are interested in sharing select on-demand modules more broadly within your organization, we recommend considering the BOK for Your LMS opportunity. 

How do Body of Knowledge courses tie into CPXP Certification?

Completion of Body of Knowledge courses provides the most comprehensive overview of content to support preparation for the patient experience certification exam offered by Patient Experience Institute (PXI). Through PXI, the courses have been accredited to offer Patient Experience Continuing Education Credits (PXEs). The PXEs earned can be applied towards certification/recertification as a patient experience professional. While the Body of Knowledge provides one of the most comprehensive reviews of patient experience knowledge available, completion of the associated courses is not required to take the CPXP exam, nor does completion of the courses (as with any preparation method) guarantee a passing score on the CPXP exam. 

What is the cancellation policy?

Cancellations or requests for refunds must be received in writing to The Beryl Institute within 14 days of registration.

A cancelled registration may be eligible to receive a full refund less $50 for the service fee under the following conditions:

  • If any of the course materials have been accessed/viewed or a virtual class was attended, the refund will be allocated minus the service fee and the current individual course rate for the course(s) accessed/viewed or attended.
  • Cancellation requests received after 14 business days will not be refunded.

Can I transfer credit to or substitute another individual from my organization?

A transfer credit for the purchased courses may be granted to the organization and used by another individual within the organization if the courses or virtual class have not been accessed or viewed. Substitutions are not allowed once the courses have been accessed/viewed or a virtual class was attended.

Have additional questions? You can contact us via email or by calling 866.488.2379.